When we started the Iće&piće project and released our first issue back in February 2007 (!), we also set up the related website, www.iceipice.hr. A static, boring website providing basic information about each issue. And we left it so for years.

Why did we not make our move sooner? Well, there appeared new, similar journals, new websites, bloggers, and so we waited and waited... And today we are finally launching our new website. A new website that stands out from the rest and best presents our journal, just the way it is.

We have engaged the right people for the job. Vladimir Končar from Studio Revolucija, a person with numerous references, is responsible for the design, and Davor Bagarić from Rebelis IT for operational functionality (and more than that). The new website, tailored to both your needs and our own, is in front of you.

What to say about the special features of the website?

At the time of launching, there are 206 articles, 1357 photographs, 768 pages of our journal, 145 recipes and 149 addresses posted on our website, just waiting for you. We will be updating the website regularly, so that there will always be something new for you to read or see. The website has sections in both Croatian and English. It has a past (the archives), a present (current developments) and a future (announcements). The new website includes the most important articles from our journal archives (37 issues already!) as well as announcements of important wine & food events. It boasts pure graphic and artistic design and quality photographs that have become standard features of our journal. We promise that our website will not be one of those whose contents are not updated for weeks. The blogs are written by our dear and important associates – just for you! This is exactly why it took us so long to launch our new website. But, let's stop talking about us. Take a glance, read and tell us your opinion.

On the Croatian Internet scene, visitor comments rarely refer to article topics and often serve as a platform for meaningless banter. Therefore, leave your comments (both positive and negative) as well as your questions and suggestions on our FB page or send us an e-mail.

Finally, we invite you to browse our new website and check how loyal we are to our slogan: Dare to Compare!

But indeed, we really do dare compare ourselves to others...

Damir Fabijanić, I&P Editor-in-Chief

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