Magazine for pleasures of the table – Iće&piće is an independent project on the Croatian publishing market. It is conceived as a quarterly, luxury equipped publication about gastronomy and wine. The initiator, concept author and editor-in-chief is Mr. Damir Fabijanić, a reputable Croatian photographer.

Iće&piće complies standards set by the best gourmet magazines like Bon Appetit, Falstaff and Saveur and is made with a respect towards everybody in charge with F&B. Iće&piće is equipped with top-quality exclusive photographs, without stock photos, and the authors of the texts are the best gastronomical/wine journalists in Croatia, as well some of the best writers. For foreign destinations we cooperate with local journalists – wine and gastronomy experts.

The magazine has a print run of (minimum) 9.000 copies from which (minimum) 6.000 copies is sent through direct distribution to specific target groups which are chosen by our partners (hotels, restaurants, private physician and dentist’s dispensaries, lawyers and public notaries, architects, hairdressers, pharmacies, by aspiration…) and 3.000 copies is available on news stands, in grocery chains, newspaper outlets, bookstores…

Iće&piće systematically and with appreciation presents Croatian culinary heritage, together with modern trends in F&B production. By presenting the best from European and World kitchens and cellars, writing about new trends in gastronomy and nutritional science, culinary technologies and gastronomy and wine culture, the magazine is trying to create an open and encouraging atmosphere for discussion and savouring of food.

Iće&piće targets everyone who works in F&B industry, likes to cook, is curious, enjoys quality reports and photographs... in short, it is a magazine for everyone. Above all, it is also one of the most beautiful Croatian souvenirs which will delight tourists, for whom we translate in English the top themes and lead articles in each issue.